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 Earn money by selling 1 rupee note

If you an Indian and you have i rupee note than you can be rich. Yes old one rupee note is sold at ebay at about $1000 and more according to the signature of some Governor. In our everyday life, we come across different denominations of Indian currencies, which we either transact with the shopkeepers or deposit the same into the banks. But there many notes which have a rare serial number imprinted on it and the world over, there are collectors of such rare currencies, who do not mind paying millions of rupees for that one note.

We are not talking just in the air, E-bay, number one e-commerce portal in the world has many such examples where people auction Indian currencies of 1 rupees to 1000 which starts from few lakhs and goes up to several millions of rupees.

 It may sound little weird when you come across such bids which are placed online on the eBay portal, where people sell their 1 rupee notes with serial number 786 for as much as 195 million rupees (1.95CR) and one hundred rupees note for 21 million while 1000 rupees note is being sold for 100 million rupees (1CR). 

These are just a few examples while eBay has such thousands of listings on their portal. There are many collector buffs world over who have lots of money and they are always in search of a collector’s item and would not mind paying a huge sum for anything that catches their attention. And that is why people are selling the rare notes online. There is an example of currency with the signature of Montek Singh Ahluwalia, who is an Indian economist, is sold for 200,000 on the eCommerce website eBay.
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