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Following are my collections to earn free money.
  1. Earn $5: https://goo.gl/CuxGNY
  2. Earn $10: https://goo.gl/xoZNvD  (Listed on coinmarketcap.com)
  3. Earn $8: https://goo.gl/94v6n9 (Site is Slow due to high traffic wait some time to open. In this ICO if anyone buy $100 VIC coins through your referral then he also get $100)
  4. Earn $5:  https://goo.gl/Zxx9eh (now available on Huobi, CEX, OKex)
  5. Earn $1.40: https://goo.gl/XBVa1Y (Also you can earn money by watching videos)
  6. Earn $1:https://goo.gl/TrVVTT (Instantly withdrawn to your BTC wallet)
  7. Earn $1: https://goo.gl/ijkhPj
  8. Earn $3 https://goo.gl/FVY1Dz  (Website bit slow at night wait for 2-3 mins it will open)
  9. Earn $229: https://goo.gl/6sg8g6
  10. Earn $49: https://goo.gl/wcTJrQ

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